Strippers in Rozelle

Strippers in Rozelle

Looking to hire some strippers for your next party?

There are many options open to you depending on the type of party you are putting on, from XXX shows to lingerie waitressing for your event.  The level you want to go it up to you but its best you make a few decisions about who is at your event first as not to offend.

Are you hiring a stripper for an office party, fundraiser event, birthday party, graduation or sporting event? Let see what’s on offer…

Arranging the Bucks Party Strippers in Rozelle or Stag do?

Then why not thing about hiring a lady to entertain whilst you are having a weekend away with the boys – give the guy one last night to remember before his consigned to a life of misery.

There are many options and depends on where you are location wise as well budget for your event. – check below for the types of show, girl suitable.

When hiring a stripper

Have you hired a stripper before? If not it may be an idea to go through an agency unless you have a recommendation as you may not know the rules and you don’t want it to get awkward – most agencies are very friendly and helpful.

Can you touch a stripper?

Usually no, you should check.

Can you take photos?

Usually no, you should check with them.

Do you have the room?

Make sure you have a room that is large enough and discreet enough. You don’t want any unexpected visits from neighbours or police depending on the show.

Strippers are not prostitutes

Don’t expect anything else, these girls are just for show… if you want more then go to the brothel, hire an escort. The last thing you want is the police turning up and charging someone at your mates stag do with an offence, won’t go down well with the ladies at the wedding!

Important info- Must read

Setting up a Poker game and want to spice it up?

Maybe you want a host for your next big poker game with your mates? Thought of hiring a model to help you out? Texas Hold’em Strip Poker – for a good night!

If you need to arrange the best game of poker the lads have ever been to then you need to book one of the pros – and maybe take some of their money whilst they are distracted by some hot hot ladies.

Even if this is the first game of poker ever played, they won’t forget it.  You can usually hire the whole setup – tables, cards, chips and the ladies to come with it.  Depending on the type of shows you want to put on you can have lingerie clad dealers, topless waitresses and maybe a full strip show to finish off!

Looking for a boat cruise with a bit of extra xxx spice?

Get the lads on to a boat, loads of booze and some nice ladies to entertain you all night long – get on the phone and see what stripper boats are available near you today! Make this a night to remember.

Topless Striptease

The topless striptease is a mild strip show, but it is one of the most enjoyable. The lucky buck or special guest will be treated to a perforce by a stunning model. The shows are fun and involve plenty of audience interaction making them ideal for mixed groups, work parties and birthday bashes.

Everyone knows how a topless striptease ends, but there is plenty of choice as to how it starts. Topless striptease babes usually have plenty of special outfits to start of a strip in style.

Pick an outfit to match a fantasy and your stripper will arrive dressed accordingly. Cowgirl, policewoman, sexy little devil and a whip cracking dominatrix are popular choices. Be sure to ask if you have something a little more specialist in mind. You never know what kinky outfits are lurking in the back of a stripper’s closet!

Nude Striptease

The complete nude strip shows takes the titillation a little more. This hot striptease is fun with lots of audience involvement and ends up with all the strippers clothing hitting the floor or curtained over the guests. You can have a sensational centrefold carry out a stylish and hot full naked strip, which is enjoyable for a combined group and perfect for birthday celebrations.

If you want to go one further then the XXX shows are for guests that are fully aware of what they are going to see – not for the faint hearted, so make sure grandpa is ready and has taken his medication.

XXX Shows (x rated shows)

This is a whole new level of sexy fun, the show will be raunchy and there will be lots to see.  The girls are fully aware of how to turn a man on in the most spectacular way – these are the shows that are reserved for special types of party where the guests are aware, the venue is aware and the night will go off.  The girls will get to know an array of toys, the buck or special guest may be involved in some way (depending) and there is even the option for two girls, three girls or whatever you have booked to put on the show! You may have a girl on girl show arranged, you may have a something else special – be sure to let the performers know if there are any special requests and they may be able to accommodate.

  • Topless Waitress Strippers in Rozelle
  • Nude Waitress Strippers in Rozelle
  • Lingerie Waitress Strippers in Rozelle
  • Promo models Strippers in Rozelle

Need some sexy servers at your next event, BBQ or party? Then why not thing about hiring a sexy waitress to help out – nude, lingerie, topless, or maybe just a sexy outfit?  Get the lads weak at the knees and get the party off to an amazing start.

The ladies will serve food, drinks and have a joke with guests and make it a time to remember.   You can even think about adding that something special to the end of the evening depending on what the even requires.

Other types of shows can be arranged with the girls – talk to them and find out now.

  • Topless Fishing Charters?
  • Poker Party?
  • Stretch Hummer?

Arranging the girls Hens Night?

Are you in the process of organizing a hen night? Would you like to make it an unforgettable occasion for your friend?

Hire a topless waiter or a male stripper to excite your others and friends around. Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth Hens nights are not supposed to be bland and uneventful.

They are supposed to be hot, steamy and sexy. Hire skilled strippers and let your hair down! Have the time of your life in the delightful company of a sexy stripper. Do not hesitate to get comfy with them – drop your inhibitions and get flirtatious with the hottest men in the Australia.

  • Topless Waiter Strippers in Rozelle
  • Male Strippers Strippers in Rozelle

Can any woman resist the sight of skimpily-clad men strutting on the dance floor? Is it any wonder why Australian male strippers are in great demand in all Australian states? These guys s add an element of light-hearted fun to hen parties.

They make parties exceptionally exciting, interesting and eventful. They know to get their audience cheering; they know to stir interest in the audience. Women can not escape their charm, antics and good looks of course – they are downright irresistible! Hot, spirited and spunky, male strippers are well versed with the tricks of the trade.

Get in touch with a reputable agency to hire some fun for your next party here in Australia. Contact a reputable Australian stripping agency to enjoy a sexy and steamy strip tease show.

You will be mesmerized by the sight of muscular and hot and hunky men – perhaps a sexy fireman, policeman or something else – you let them know when booking wheat you would like and they will be sure to please …

Can you imagine the bride, her face when he comes out? Make this a hens night to remember and get a sexy male stripper or waiter arranged today!

Hire a topless waiter or a male stripper to excite your others and friends around. Hire skilled strippers and let your hair down! Have the time of your life in the delightful company of a sexy stripper. Make this a hens night to remember and get a sexy male stripper or waiter arranged today!

Strippers in Rozelle

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